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Ireland: Vodafone Announces Unlimited 3G data for €49 Per Month [Jul. 10th, 2006|10:46 am]
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Originally published at Premium mobile technologies.

Vodafone Ireland has become the first mobile operator in the country to launch a flat-rate 3G mobile Internet service on Vodafone’s superior 3G network. Called Vodafone Unlimited Data and available on July 1st, the new solution will cost just €49 per month (inc Vat), representing the best value in 3G services in Ireland. The launch marks a first in telecommunications in Ireland, making it possible for customers to have unlimited access to e-mail and the Internet anytime, for a fixed monthly price.

Later this year, Vodafone will officially launch its 3G broadband network using High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) technology. Initially in Dublin, then expanding throughout the country, Vodafone 3G broadband marks the next phase of 3G technology. This will allow customers to access the Internet at speeds of up to 1.2 Megabits per second for just €49 per month (inc Vat) as part of the Vodafone Unlimited Data package. The technology will utilise Vodafone’s 3G network which already caters for Vodafone’s 250,000 3G customers.

“These announcements mark yet another first for Vodafone Ireland,” said Teresa Elder, Chief Executive, Vodafone Ireland. “We were the first to launch 3G services; the first with pre-paid 3G; the first to launch a 3G Mobile Connect Card for laptops and now we are the first company to launch a nationwide mobile data flat-rate, a price comparable to that of fixed-line providers. I believe that this is very significant for Ireland’s economic development as it will unlock the potential for many people who wish to be able to work on the go without the constraints of a fixed line. Later this year, we’ll up the ante further and will become the first to launch 3G broadband, or HSDPA, as well as laptops with built in 3G broadband data cards through our partners Dell and Lenovo..

Also launching this year from partners such as Dell and Lenovo are a range of laptop computers which come with built-in 3G/3G broadband Vodafone SIM cards and GPRS/3G/3G Broadband radios, allowing for “out of the box” mobile connectivity.

“Solutions such as Vodafone Business Email, BlackBerry from Vodafone and our hugely successful 3G Mobile Connect Card have proven our dedication to mobilising Ireland’s workers,” said Carolan Lennon, Marketing Director, Vodafone Ireland. “Vodafone Unlimited Data is another example of our commitment to providing the most advanced mobility solutions to businesses and employees throughout Ireland. Our customers have demanded a simplified service that does not include any per megabyte charges. We have listened and responded with Vodafone Unlimited Data.”

Survey indicates strong demand for mobility solutions

Research carried out by Amárach Consulting on behalf of Vodafone Ireland shows that demand for services such as Vodafone Unlimited Data is strong, with 24 percent of people who work outside the office (referred to as mobile workers) already taking advantage of remote access technologies, and 19 percent looking for the right tools to work remotely. According to the study, which consisted of 300 interviews with employees and 210 employers who work outside the office and have a post paid mobile phone, a full 92 percent of mobile workers would like remote access to e-mail, while 73 percent would like Internet access. Other details in the study showed that 54 percent of respondents felt that mobile working would free them from the office, while 36 percent agreed that that it would make their job easier.

Other key results from the survey showed that:

22 percent of employers have advocated mobile working “fully” or “a lot”;
14 percent of respondents say mobile working can help attract and retain staff;
21 percent of respondents argue that mobile working offers firms a competitive advantage;
33 percent of respondent said improved responsiveness is a key benefit of mobile working technologies;
19 percent of respondent said having more manageable working hours is a major advantage;
27 percent of respondent said more satisfied customers is a prime benefit of mobile working technologies.
“Amárach Consulting’s research has also clearly shown that over 56 percent of employees are losing at least an hour a day downtime, with 26 percent losing between one and two hours per day,” said Carolan Lennon, Marketing Director, Vodafone Ireland. “These hours are lost to travel, and waiting for meetings to begin, and other routine activities. Recouping this time would have major benefits not only to the companies and the overall economy, but to individuals who would have the opportunity to work in a flexible manner, enhancing their own work-life balance.”